50 Cent Clowns Ja Rule in Their Ongoing Feud

50 Cent and Ja Rule will never be friends.

50 Cent and Ja Rule have been beefing for years. Fif will tell you, and rightfully so, that he is responsible for ending Ja’s very successful music career years back.

Ever since 50 stomped on Ja’s career following the Murda Inc vs Shady/Aftermath, the two have occasionally reignited their feud and traded shots.

With the Drake vs Pusha T beef heating up, Ja Rule decided to stick his neck out and tell 50 Cent that his “Loose Change” diss was the greatest ever. Naturally, 50 was not going to let that go unnoticed and thoroughly embarrassed Ja on his own Instagram account.

Ja should really know that if you come for 50, you better have backup, because he will not hold back anything. It’s his own fault. We really can’t blame 50.

Meanwhile, we will continue to be amused by this hilarious and ongoing beef.