6ix9ine is Reportedly Set to Testify Against Co-Defendant in Court

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<p>6ix9ine, real name Daniel Hernandez, is trying his best to save his own butt as the cases against him and his co-defendants moves forward in court.</p>

<p>The GUMMO rapper is caught up in the case involving the attempted shooting of <a href=Chief Keef. He has not been successful thus far in getting out of jail as he awaits trial, but it seems he not has another strategy.

He and his co-defendants have been hit with an array of charges, including federal racketeering and firearms charges. Sources say he has agreed to testify that another defendant in the case was in fact the shooter.

Following his admission to investigators, Kintea McKenzie and two others, Anthony Ellison and Denard Butler, were indicted in the shooting. Sources also say that Tekashi paid McKenzie $10,000 to follow through with the shooting, which was unsuccessful. Video went viral after his arrest showing him discussing putting a “30 pack” on rapper Tadoe, implying he was paying to have him killed.

In the meantime, Tekashi’s lawyer has been booted due to conflict of interest because he previously represented other defendants in cases. Until the conflict is waived or he finds a new lawyer, further bail attempts have been postponed.

Social media users have flooded recent posts with rat emojis.

6ix9ine has been locked up since late last year, just after he beat his case related to sexual misconduct with a child.

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