6ix9ine’s Crew Beats Down Man Who Rushes Him on Stage

This “fan” got a big shock when he tried to rush 6ix9ine on stage.

While performing in Moscow, Tekashi 6ix9ine got bum rushed by a man who hopped on stage, ran towards the rapper, and knocked him down onto a table behind him. He didn’t make it farther than that, however, as 6ix9ine’s crew quickly put a buttload of hurt on him.

Check out the video to see the drama unfold. You can see the man, wearing black, rush towards the rapper and grab him, knocking him into a table. Immediately after, his security grabbed the man as multiple people surrounded him. Fists started flying immediately as the man hits the ground. It is unclear if Tekashi threw any punches himself, but he was close enough to do it and was briefly obscured by security.

A closer angle then shows the man being stomped and kicked repeatedly.

Be warned, the video is violent.

Lesson: never a good idea to jump on stage if you weren’t invited.

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