ASAP Bari Pleads Guilty to Sexual Assault

ASAP Bari is facing serious implications from a sexual assault in London after pleading guilty in court.

Real name Jabari Shelton, 27, Bari has had a fair share of legal trouble. He was arrested in Pennsylvania for drugs after police caught him with

He was in court in London, where he plead guilty to one count of sexual assault. He was fined £4000 and ordered to pay the victim £2,500. He was also given a restraining order banning him from contacting the woman he assaulted.

According to court records, he was accused of hitting the woman in a hotel room. She told police he had tried to link with her earlier in the day, instead linking with a different man later that night and retreating to a hotel with him. He apparently entered the room she was sleeping in despite it not being his. She claimed he hit her on the backside while she was nude after pulling the covers off of her. While some might see this as foreplay, she told police it was unwanted and was assault. The incident occurred in the summer of last year. What did him in? It was apparently all caught on tape. She initially denied the assault, but the footage popped up online, so she contacted police and moved forward with the case.

Bari is a fashion designer and creative entrepreneur. He is a founding member of the group ASAP Mob.

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