ASAP Rocky Found Guilty in Swedish Assault Case

ASAP Rocky

ASAP Rocky was found guilty in his Swedish assault trial, though the rapper was already back in the U.S. as the verdict was handed down.

Rocky spent weeks locked up in a Swedish jail before finally being sprung after his trial concluded. Luckily for him, Sweden allowed him to leave despite his verdict not being in, and he hightailed it back to America as quickly as possible.

Legal experts predicted that Rocky either would be found not guilty or would have a minimal sentences, such as time served. Still, he wasn’t interested in hanging around to find out.

Apparently, the judge felt this argument of self-defense was insufficient. Now, he’s learned that he was indeed found guilty, but will not receive any additional time after the judge gave him a suspended sentence.

The “victim” (we’ll use this term loosely here) requested $16,000 in payments, but the court ultimately ordered Rocky pay just $1300 split among the three defendants (thus, Rocky will only pay about $433). That’s nothing compared to the millions he lost out on in festivals and shows while locked up for a month, as well as his legal fees. That likely hurt his pocket a bit.

The case became an international incident, with celebs, politicians, and even Donald Trump attempting to get involved (with zero success, naturally). Sweden shrugged off attempts from international interference in the case, saying he’d be treated the same as everyone else. However, many argued that this was not the case, and he was being discriminated against.

Many artists boycotted the country, including G-Eazy and Tyga. G-Eazy came out and discussed his own incident in the country for worse charges, but he was let go.

Surely, ASAP Rocky will think twice about getting physical while in another country and just hire some extra security next time.

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