Bow Wow Gets Roasted on Instagram After Getting Caught Lying About Private Jet

The Internet is ruthless.

Bow Wow shoulda known better than to lie about taking a private jet when social media will catch you in a second on that bull-ish. Bow Wow posted a snap implying he was hopping on a private jet to head to New York to promote a new show he is doing, but a fan spotted him later that day on a commercial flight and posted the pic to social media. Google image searches also revealed the original private jet pic was an old photo from a transport company.

Fans (or the haters) went IN on the rapper/actor, roasting the hell out of him on social media. It even started a new #BowWowChallenge hashtag urging people to post their best fake-it-til-you-make-it (or stop making it in Bow Wow’s case) photos.

Flip for some of the harshest and funniest reactions.

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