Cardi B Breaks Taylor Swift’s Apple Streaming Record

Taylor better watch out!

Cardi B is breaking new ground. Whether you hate her or love her or fall somewhere in between, there’s no doubt she’s making moves in the music industry.

Cardi B has officially broken Taylor Swift’s Apple Music streaming record.

In the last week, she has dropped her Debut album Invasion of Privacy and confirmed her pregnancy.

While her total sales for the week are yet to be revealed until later this week, sales are expected to top 250k.

However, she has already hit 100K in streams, breaking Taylor Twift’s previous record. So hater shutup, cause y’all are listening! And this doesn’t just beat Swift’s record, it doubles it.

Cardi B now holds the title or most streamed album streamed from a female in its first week. Overall, Cardi’s new album stands at the fifth most streamed album on Apple Music’s worldwide chart.

While many said Cardi B was a one hit wonder, those who said so need to sit down. It looks like she’s here to stay.

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