Cardi B Reveals Pregnancy on SNL

It’s official, y’all.

Cardi B has been trying hard to hide her pregnant belly for months, donning oversized clothes and full, feathery dresses. She denied it several times, though an associate allegedly admitted it to someone when the rapper was performing at the Super Bowl, saying she didn’t want to be around a party atmosphere since she was preggo.

She appeared on last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, first performing in another oversized outfit that hid her stomach.

However, her second performance put her stomach in the spotlight, as she rocked a formfitting dress.

She is believed to be 7 months pregnant and is due in early July. She hasn’t let it slow her down, and she will still be performing at Coachella later this month. Her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, just debuted Friday.

She and fiancé Offset have been caught up in a lot of drama after sex tapes of him cheating hit the net. She has stayed with him throughout, however, which makes more sense now that she’s confirmed her pregnancy. He similarly denied that they two were expecting. He has three children already from previous relationships.

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