Cardi B Slams Reports of Celina Powell’s Fake DNA Test

Cardi ain’t havin it.

Instagram model Celina Powell has been trolling rappers for a while now, and Cardi B’s fiancé and baby daddy Offset is her latest victim.

She has been publicly claiming that she had a baby by the Migos rapper, posting a pic of the “baby” and an alleged DNA test result she received. However, the evidence has clearly not added up, with many Twitter users calling out the fake claims.

Cardi B responded to the story by XXL, claiming they were dead wrong for even acknowledging this nonsense story to begin with. Both she and Offset have vigorously denied he had anything to do with Powell, and Offset even got into words on social media with her saying he didn’t even know her and had never met her.

Celina’s own friends have said she doesn’t have a baby at all and made up the whole thing. Some people have too much damn time on their hands.

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