Cardi B Works the Pole With a Bevy of Strippers in “Money” Video

Cardi B returns to the pole to get money in her new NSFW “Money” Video, and it’s a sight to behold.

Cardi definitely knows how to put on a show. Her new video gives a Beyoncé vibe mixed with a strip club.

While her personal life has been making headlines after her breakup with husband Offset and legal issues, she is putting her music back in focus. In the video, Cardi gets acrobatic with some impressive moves on the pole. Not only that, she breastfeeds Kulture during the video like a bossed up working mom. She also plays the piano in the buff.

The visuals are too much to describe in full, so just watch it above. But beware – it’s very NSFW.

She ain’t gotta dance now because she’s making money moves. However, she WILL do it if she wants to, and we are thankful.

Fans are loving the Jora Frantzis directed video:

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