Chance the Rapper Sued for Copyright Infringement

A Chicago area musician claims Chance the Rapper jacked his work on “Windows.”

Chance the Rapper is being accused of using a “significant portion” of another artist’s work on the song “Windows” in a new lawsuit.

Abdul Wali Muhammad filed the suit claiming “blatant and willful infringement” of his own copyrighted song, “Bridge Through Time.” He claims Chance used his work on the song “Windows” from his mixtape “10 Day” back in 2012.

Muhammad’s song was released in 1980, and countless other artists including JAY-Z and Big K.R.I.T. have sampled the work. Why wait so long though? The case is complicated by the fact that Chance never intended to sell the mixtape and had given it out for free to friends, but it somehow made its way to iTunes earlier this year. This is likely the reason why Muhammad is only now bringing the suit, as Chance is now profiting from the work.

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