Charge Dropped Against T.I. For Security Guard Confrontation

T.I. claims a win after being charged following a heated confrontation with a security guard who refused to let him into his own gated neighborhood.

For those who don’t recall, T.I. got into an argument with the security guard at the gate of his gated neighborhood outside Atlanta. He had forgotten his key. His wife Tiny, who was home at the time, confirmed his identify by phone (as though the guard didn’t know who he was – tuh!). He refused to show ID to the guard and the guard refused to let him in the gate.

Many immediately claimed that the incident was racist, with many alleging that only a black man would have been barred from entering his own neighborhood. This is especially true given his celebrity status, making it highly unlikely the guard did not know who TIP was.

The guard, T.I. alleges, was sleeping on duty, and TIP was drunk, both of which contributed to the confrontation. They claimed a threat he made constituted assault.

A heated exchange ensued, and police were called. T.I. was subsequently charged with several charges, including assault, 3 counts of misdemeanor disorderly conduct, and one count of misdemeanor public drunkenness. While the assault charge was dropped, he is still currently on the hook for the other misdemeanor charges.

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