Chris Brown Gets Ownership of Masters in New Deal With RCA Records

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Chris Brown is making boss moves after signing a new deal giving him ownership over his masters. This is huge!

Breezy is now one of the youngest artists at 29 to own his own masters in a new deal with his long-time label RCA Records. He just signed an extension of his existing deal with the label that now gives him ownership and control over the masters of his music rather than the ownership being retained by the label. This shows his value in the industry and his ability to flex against the label.

Few artists are able to secure the ownership of their masters, especially those signed to big labels.

“This new deal structure between Brown and RCA Records, will undoubtedly enhance the release of new Chris Brown music, content, and much more throughout 2019 and beyond,” the label said in a Jan. 4th statement.

Chance the Rapper has been a strong supporter of artist independence after rejecting the traditional label model that say many 90s musicians go broke after being severely taken advantage of by all-powerful label.

Other notable artists artists to gain control of their masters after already being signed to a label are Jay-Z, Ray Charles, and most recently 21 Savage.

It is much harder to take control after already being signed to a label than it is to start out independent and staying that way.

The rise of digital music distributers like MusicDigi and Tunecore has made it possible for artists like Chance to go it on their own. No longer do artists have to wait for a label to tell them to sign on the dotted line. Artists can now control their careers and income.

We are likely to only see more independence in the music industry as artists continue to control their own destiny and take advantage of the many tools available to artists.

Congrats to Chris on his achievement.

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