Cupcakke Rapper Taken to Hospital Over Suicide Scare

Cupcakke Rapper posted a troubling tweet saying that she was going to commit suicide.

Despite an incredible rise in success, a new look, and more, it appears Cupcakke is dealing with some serious personal stuff. She posted a tweet saying, “Im [sic] about to commit suicide.” Fans flocked to help and urged her to seek help and not follow through.

Some were downright horrible:

However, fans were also upset because some kpop fans posted videos of their favorite groups just under her tweet. The insensitivity of these users was not lost on Cupcakke’s fans. They stormed Twitter and blocked the users en masse.

Sources say that police were called to Cupcakke’s home after the troubling tweet, and she was taken to a hospital. However, no further update on her condition is currently available.

She did, however, post a thank you to those who helped her on her Instagram.

Check back for updates.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, please get help as soon as possible. There is no shame in needing help.

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