Diddy Needs a Girl Again: Ozuna, Diddy, & DJ Snake Look for Love in “Eres Top”


Diddy says he guesses he needs a girl again on the Ozuna and DJ Snake track “Eres Top.”

Ozuna just dropped his well-received album Nibiru one week ago, but he’s making power moves with it. The video for “Eres Top” features Ozuna as he travels to Niburu, a planet he uses to symbolize his music-making space. Talking with Billboard, he said, “I just used it as a concept. That’s a planet where I make my music. I make my music over there and bring it here with my entire team…I want people to not only take the musical concept, but to take with them an experience from this…I know fans will take away a great experience from this.”

He meets with Diddy at a futuristic space night club, where they claim to be seeking true love and companionship.

Diddy has been through a lot in the past year with his relationships. He saw the death of the mother of his children, Kim Porter. He also broke things off with longtime girlfriend Cassie around the same time, whom is now engaged and expecting a child with her new beau.

So, it seems the video is on point, reflecting Diddy’s ongoing search for love.

Check out the video and sound off below.

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