DMX On Set for New Movie Role

DMX is out of prison and ready to put in work – in acting, that is. The rapper was spotted on set for “Chronicle of a Serial Killer,” where he will be playing on the other side of the law for a change as a police officer.

DMX was looking happy and healthy on the set, where he showed off his police badge.

The film will star the rapper, who will play Detective White, who must hunt down the killer. However, it’s far from his first try at acting. Some of X’s best work includes the films “Never Die Alone,” “Exit Wounds,” and “Cradle to the Grave 2.” While this isn’t likely to make it to the big screen, it’s a great start for him to reignite his success.

Directed by Steve Stanulis, the movie is set in New York and has just kicked off filming. Stanulis said X was a perfect fit for the role, and he didn’t even have to audition to get the part.

The fil malso stars Tara Reid, Brendan Sexton, Eric Roberts, and Aly Mang. Michael Madsen was part of the original cast, but he was fired for a DUI. X was able to swoop in and take the part easily.

This doesn’t mean he’s giving up music, however, as he will be dropping new music soon. He’s cooking up some things with fellow musician and longtime collaborator Swizz Beatz. This might just be his year as he works to make a major comeback.

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