Eminem and Nick Cannon in Full on Beef Mode

eminem nick cannon

Eminem and Nick Cannon have long been on bad terms, and it seems the two have sparked up their old rivalry once again, taking to public platforms to go at it.

The beef got reignited when Em went in on Nick on Fat Joe’s latest album, Family Ties. Em touched a nerve when he brought up his relationship with Mariah Carey, Nick’s ex-wife and mother of his children, going on to say that Mariah is crazy and she effectively “neutered” Nick.

Naturally, Nick challenged Em to appear on his show Wild’N Out, which yes is still in production. He also called him an old man on Power 106.

The two have been trading shots on various platforms for days now, and Nick just took it a notch higher by dropping a Shady diss track complete with Suge Knight titled “The Invitation.”

Eminem responded to the track, tweeting hilarious shots aimed at Nick’s lack of streetness.

And naturally, the Internet was eating it up with a spoon. They seemed to be in agreement that coming for Eminem is just an overall bad idea. Especially if you come with trash.

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