Eminem Drops Video for “Fall”

Eminem has dropped his video for “Fall” off his new Kamikaze album.

After dragging dang near everybody and their mommas on his new album Kamikaze, Eminem is bringing us his new video for the song “Fall.”

Eminem received a lot of criticism for his release of Revival last year, which didn’t get a lot of rave reviews. He acknowledges the shortcomings of the album in his “Fall” video, stomping on a physical copy of last year’s less than stellar project. The video opens with him reading criticisms of his previous album, which inevitably brought out the old Shady in his new work. Throughout the video, he nearly falls but always catches himself, a clear metaphor for his music career. Even an artist at Eminem’s level of mastery surely still has his ups and downs with his art.

Kamikaze, however, is in a whole different ballpark, with fans rejoicing at its artistry.

Check out the song come to life in the video:

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