Fabolous Arrested for Domestic Violence – Updated

He’s “ready” to be arrested.

UPDATE: HipHopHotwire has confirmed that Fabolous did assault his longtime girlfriend Emily B.

He allegedly hit her at least seven times in the head, injuring her so badly that she lost her front teeth.

He reportedly became angry when he saw on social media that Emily had been to LA when he was also there, and he threatened to beat her before he returned home. He also threatened her father and brother for helping to remove handguns from their home out of fear he would use them against her.

He was released and will be appearing in court at a later date.

Wow. Fab ain’t shit.


Brooklyn rapper Fablous was arrested for domestic violence in New Jersey.

Fabolous, real name John David Jackson, turned himself in to Englewood police at 8:30 am Wednesday. Official charges? Third-degree aggravated assault and third-degree terroristic threats.

Sources say the victim is his long-time on-again off-again girlfriend and baby mom Emily B.

The two have had a rocky relationship over the years with many breakups and his infidelity being well-documented.

He was not held and must appear in court at an upcoming date.

This whole domestic violence bullshit has really gotta stop. Get your ish together!

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