Faith Evans and Mary J. Blige Fight in the Hamptons

It went down between Faith Evans and Mary J. Blige at a Hamptons party.

The two were attending a party in the Hamptons thrown by none other than Diddy.

Why, you may ask? Rumor has it that Faith found out that Mary messed with Faith’s deceased husband Biggie back in the day. Mind you, Biggie has been dead for around 20 years, but the feelings wounds are still fresh for Faith.

Mary J. Blige is far from the first woman she has fought over her late husband. He famously cheated with rapper Lil Kim, which resulted in a fist fight between the ladies after Faith walked in on them together.

As of yet, no footage of the fight has been posted, but we will be sure to update you when it does. In the meantime,

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