Kodak Black’s Yellow “Lisa Simpson” Hairstyle Has Fans Going Haywire

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<p>Kodak Black doesn’t give two effs about what y’all think, which is further evidenced by his latest hairstyle.</p>

<p>The rapper, who is fresh off being released from the clink after being arrested after a mistaken drive across the U.S. border where officers found drugs and guns, is back with new hair. This time, he went yellow. </p><div class=

Naturally, the Internet did not disappoint in their astute evaluations of his look.

While some compared him to Super Saiyon, others disagreed. The look instantly brings to mind Lisa Simpson, and the resemblance did not go unnoticed by viewers.

While the Internet laid into him, others were still optomistic that the yellow hair means new music is on the way.

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