Footage From T.I.’s Arrest as He Argues With Cops Surfaces

T.I. was well-composed despite the nonsense he found himself involved in.

T.I. got caught up in some BS after a disgruntled security guard refused to let him into his own gated community after he forgot his gate key.

Police were called, and the cops arrested T.I. on trumped up charges.

Footage from the police station have now surfaced with T.I. questioning the arresting officer as to why he was arrested. The cop deflects his questions while T.I. remains calm, asking real questions that he should have gotten answers to. One of the charges in question is public drunkennes, and this video shows that he clearly was pretty together. Just more evidence as to why it was complete garbage that he was arrested in the first place. The cop even had the gall to say he shouldn’t have come home. WHAT?!

T.I.’s lawyer is already on it, putting out a statement saying that the guard had been sleeping when T.I. arrived and refused him entry despite making contact with Tiny to let him in.

Plus, the guard was black, so let’s not overlook the fact that there is NO WAY he didn’t know exactly who T.I. was as a black man living in Atlanta.

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