#FreeMeekMill: Judge in Meek Mill Case Being Probed By FBI

The judge in Meek Mill’s case has some ghosts in her closet.

Celebs and fans are going hard in the campaign to help Meek Mill get out of a clearly biased and overly harsh sentence imposed by a judge recently. The sentence puts Meek behind bars for 2 to 4 years, but as more information about his case comes to light, it’s looking like the judge has some serious problems.

The FBI has allegedly been watching Meek’s case since 2016, and she may have ties to a Philly music exec named Charlie Mack. Judge Genece Brinkley is somehow linked to the man who reports say she asked to sign with. She also alleged requested Meek do a remix of a Boyz II Men song and give her a shoutout in the recording.

The evidence is stacking up to show the judge has a bias towards Meek, and her sentence reflects her feelings.

Celebs have been rallying, and a Free Meek Mill campaign has gained over 350,000 signatures. Rick Ross and Dr. J hit the streets to support their friend.

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