Future Minds His Business As His Bodyguard Gets KO’d


Future stayed out of the drama and kept it moving while one of his body guards got knocked in Ibiza, Spain.

Video posted online shows one of Future’s bodyguards getting hit by a white guy and getting immediately getting knocked out. The wildest part of it all is the guy hit the bodyguard from behind with a rock, though it’s hard to see in the video. The men were reportedly harassing Future and crew for a while before the incident at the airport in what many say was outright racism against the rapper.

Future casually seemed to distance himself from the drama nonchalantly walking nearby, and the bodyguard was down for a hot second before anyone came to his aid.

However, it appears that the rapper was pulled away from the drama, and his bodyguard put the business on several of the hooligans before getting knocked out with the sucker “punch” to the face with a rock.

His entourage allegedly pulled him away before the video was shot in an effort to prevent what happened to A$AP Rocky happening to Future, which is certainly understandable. Rocky is still locked up in Sweden after defending himself against a man harassing him and his entourage in Sweden.

He posted a message about what happened, clearly fuming from the whole situation yet still with that causal idgaf vibe only Future can bring. He wrote: ” Basically these fake goons ask to suck my d*** for a picture I toldem NOOOOO…apparently the get angry and do sum sucker sh**…I left the airport, they edit the video they filmed and sent it to blogs real real tuf guys…what they did to security I didn’t see period, I’m not a witness to anything…leave me out anything have to do with this incident.”

We hope Future is providing the bodyguard with an excellent health insurance policy.

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