Future is Back With a New Joint “Take You Back”

Future is bringing a romantic vibe with “Take You Back.”

Not one to usually be lovey dove in his songs, Future shows he might have some softer feelings deep in there with his new track. He raps: “Wasn’t tryna control you/I’m just trying to feel your loyalty/Never wanted to destroy you/I did everything because of you/You can love me, girl, it’s all you/You’ll still be the one to fall through.”

Usually, Future gives the opposite of anti-love, all freaky. While the track still has his usual sound, it’s far tamer lyrically than usual.

Future was set to go on tour with Nicki Minaj, but he was dropped from the US leg of the tour after Nicki pushed it back and he had scheduling conflicts with the changed dates. He will, however, still be hitting the European leg of the tour. It kicks off in Germany in February.

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