Future’s Classic Mixtape “Monster” ft. “Codeine Crazy” Added to Streaming Platforms


Future fans are losing their ish after Future’s classic mixtape Monster featuring the track “Codeine Crazy” has been added to streaming platforms.

The five-year-old mixtape has finally been added to streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music so we can all listen whenever we please instead of only while playing GTA. The anniversary celebration has now put the project on all streaming services, though it’s already had over 150 million streams on SoundCloud alone since it dropped back in 2014.

Now, people are hyped, and they also have “Fuck Up Some Commas,” “Hardly,” and “My Savages” on repeat too.

He took to Instagram to announce it, writing, “”I’ve always spoke through my music and the people championed my trials and tribulations whole heartedly with no regards . . . Five years later this classic is available on all platforms,” and adding, “Thanks for the love.”

You can add it to your own playlist on your favorite platform. below.

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