Gucci Mane Drops Over $800,000 Cash to Pay Off Tax Lien

Guwop’s pockets are a little lighter today.

Gucci Mane was in some hot water with the IRS. According to the Blast, he owed a whopping $832,359.

Here is the breakdown:

$9,675.06 (2008)
$607,923.44 (2010)
+ $205,760 (2011)

Total: $823,358.50

Afterbeing in prison for a good minute, his personal finances were in a bit of a mess. However, he’s been flexing extra hard and stacking his cash. Looks like he’s getting everything order.

He paid off his entire lien from the IRS and is now in good standing. Gucci has the plan, and it’s great to see him living his best life. Congrats!

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