Gun From Tupac’s Murder Found in Backyard in 98

New information on Tupac’s murder is coming to light.

The conspiracy theories surrounding Tupac’s murder have swirled since his death.

New information reveals that the gun used in his murder in 1996 was found in a Los Angeles County backyard in 1998.

A Compton man in Compton found the weapon in his backyard and alerted police, according to a document from the A&E docuseries, “Who Killed Tupac?”

Bookings show a match to the report being introduced into police evidence on May 30, 1998, though its connection to Tupac’s murder has not been confirmed.

The address where the gun was found was linked to a prominent Crips member by an Sheriff’s deputy investigating the case in 2006.

TMZ notes a ballistic match to the Tupac case. However, federal investigators have not tested the weapon or confirmed it is related to the case.

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