How to Start a Record Label

How to Start a Record Label
Although many will be looking to start a record label because of their love of music, it’s still important that some planning is carried out before jumping in at the deep end to sell music online.

Here are some essential guidelines, which should help you to be equipped with the fundamentals of beginning a record label.

An Identity for your Label

First and foremost, research your competitors in the market and their branding strategies, so that you can at least level up with them if not surpass them. You should make a list of names after taking up inspiration from the internet and your friends; make sure that you are open to ideas because diversity will help you come up with a unique label name. Before you finalize on a name for your label, you need to make sure that your label name is available. Search on Google or on web registrars like GoDaddy, and on the database of corporations within your state; this will come in handy when you plan to execute a website.

When creating a logo for your brand, remember – the first impression is the last impression. As the face of your label, your logo should be professional and recognizable.

Start With a Competitive Mindset

Some of the best ways to keep your label ahead in the new music industry include:

  • Find a good artist that has talent and passion to help boost your label faster
  • Only focus on music that you believe you can promote and that your audience will be in tune with.
  • Focus on quality over quantity. Make sure the fans are connecting with the music your label is releasing.
  • Collaborate with Other Musicians

Figure out Distribution

Initially, music distribution was only possible for established artists signed to a major record label, but now it is possible release music online through digital distribution companies like MusicDigi. These type of distribution companies also known as aggregators help independent musicians and record labels get their music into popular music stores like iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, and more.

Online distribution will make it easier for fans to purchase or stream your music worldwide, and puts you in front of potential new fans who may convert into additional revenue (merchandise sales, tickets to shows, etc.) down the line.

Promote and Sell Music Online

Distributing music through services like MusicDigi is one of the first steps to get your music online. While distribution is the most important part, there’s more to being a successful label. Once your music is online, it’s important to promote it. Make sure you post it on social networks, and send it out to as many places as possible. The sole purpose for most artists to join a record label is to get their music out to the world. So, when starting a label, you will have to focus not only on selling music, but also promoting your artists.

Always be about your business

For the most part, you will find that choosing to sell music online will make up much of your label’s income and potentially bring Billboard success. Other than the money that starts flowing in from a music sales, its important to explore other types of music income such as mechanical royalties, sound exchange royalties, and live concert royalties, as well as selling merch, sponsorships, and touring.


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