Iggy Azalea Continues to Rap As Dancer Has Seizure on Stage

Iggy Azalea is getting a lot of flack for continuing to perform despite her dancer having a seizure behind her on stage.

Iggy is getting dragged after video of how she handled a medical crisis during a concert has surfaced.

During a show, a background dancer suffered a severe seizure on stage. Other dancers immediately stopped and rushed to her to try to help. Iggy looked behind her and said into the mic, “Can we get a medic?” She then turned around and continued to rap until the mic got cut. She then focused on the dancer and turned to look as aid came to the unidentified dancer.

She tried to explain, saying she the show must go on and she didn’t realize it was serious:

Needless to say, many were shocked and appalled that she turned and continued the show as the dancer struggled on the ground just behind her.

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