Is There Only Room for One Female in Hip Hop?

A look at the “beef” between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.

Many fans have chosen sides between Nicki Minaj Minaj and Cardi B, but why are there sides?

It seems hip hop fans have decided there’s only room for one female rap artist. With Cardi B blowing up with 4 songs at he top of the charts right now, fans have been going back and forth about who is better.

Many fans have accused Cardi of stealing Nicki’s style and swag.

Others were left confused as to why the two are being forced into a beef.

Nicki has had a long career with tons of hits, proving every bit of her right to be a top rapper – “female” not necessary in that description. Cardi B is bringing something new that people are feeling. So why must they be in competition? Do we assume every male rapper is in competition? Is there only room for one rapper? We all inspire one another and learn from one another. Let’s not pretend like there aren’t a million rappers sounding like Future right now.

Let’s all invest in new talent and see where it takes us, minus the beef.

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