Ja Rule Getting Heat Over Hot Mess ‘Fyre Festival’

Ja Rule is claiming it isn’t his fault that his hyped up ‘Fyre Festival’ was a complete disaster.

In 2 weeks we kick off the first ever @fyrefestival hope y'all ready for the madness!!! #fyrefestival

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He’s claiming responsibility since he was promoting the event, but he says it wasn’t him who caused the mess.

Ja said, “this is NOT MY FAULT,” but that doesn’t help the tons of people who shelled out between $1k and $12k to attend the event. People at the event have been posting the crappy conditions.

It was advertised as a catered by famous foodies, but instead treated them to bread, cheese, and lettuce and a bunch of cheap tents.

Blessed to witness #fyrefestival #fyre #fyresdal #fyrefestival2017☀️?? #meme #funny #joke ????

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Me this AM. #fyrefestival

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