JAY-Z Makes History as Hip Hop’s First Billionaire


JAY-Z is now a ten figure Jigga after officially becoming the first hip hop artist to become a billionaire.

He was well on his way to the billionaire mark, as he and wife Beyoncé hit the billionaire mark as a couple back in 2017, so it’s no surprise he can hold the position now all on his own. The couple’s net worth hit $1.16 billion back then, but now it’s clearly skyrocketed well beyond that. Jay can now hold the title all by himself.

Jay-z beyonce

Jigga received the official title from Forbes Magazine.

While Dr. Dre may have declared himself “the first billionaire in hip-hop” back in 2014, though Forbes said that despite his $3.2 billion deal with Apple and Beats Electronics, he only came in at a personal wealth of $800 million.

Jay got his start as a drug dealer in the Marcy projects of Brooklyn in New York City. He began rapping about his lifestyle and soon built a brand that defined a generation. He advanced to Roc-a-Fella Records, and later Roc Nation. He continued to build his wealth through savvy business acumen helped him secure deals with liquor, real estate, music, as well as securing stakes of Uber and Tidal. He has 14 No.1 albums, 22 Grammy awards, and he’s grabbed the attention of the Songwriters Hall of Fame. He discussed the realization of how he would need to move in order to reach success, saying “that he should build his own brands rather than promote someone else’s.” Well, it worked.

Forbes uses measures of wealth through ownership, assets, and other elements to estimate net worth. They used Hov’s stake in Armand de Brignac champagne and D’Ussé cognac, which alone added over $400 million to his worth. He also has $220 in investments and liquid assets, $100 million from Tidal, $75 million from Roc Nation, $75 million from his music catalog, $70 million from his art collection, and $50 million from real estate.

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