John Singleton’s Most Iconic Contributions Following His Death

Famed director John Singleton has passed away after suffering a stroke that family says stemmed from high blood pressure.

Singleton made waves with his hit film, Boyz In Da Hood. He brought the life of African Americans to the world stage with the film in 1991. Nearly thirty years later, the movie is considered a classic that is still highly relevant and reflective of real life issues that black Americans struggle with daily. The film came at a pivotal point in America’s history just after the beating of Rodney King and the LA riots. The film tackled topics like gentrification and gun violence, as well as police brutality and bias.

Not only was the film a huge hit and career starter for Singleton, but it also sparked careers and gave significant career boosts to its cast as well, who have always given Singleton his props.

Singleton often spoke of how the film reflected his own personal experiences growing up and living in south central LA. Despite his rough beginnings, he started off on the right path early on, winning multiple writing awards and attending USC to study film with the help of his parents who kept him on the right track.

As his career progressed, he continued to drop inspiring, culturally-representative movies that have also made significant impacts on pop culture, including fils like “Baby Boy,” “Higher Learning,” and “Poetic Justice.” “Poetic Justice” starred Janet Jackson and Tupac Shakur, and it immediately became a classic, arguably putting it close to the level of Boyz In Da Hood.

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