Kanye West Goes on Political Rant, Wears Water Bottle Costume During SNL Appearance

People are confused and churning out the memes after Kanye West’s strange SNL shenanigans.

We don’t expect anything less than weird from Kanye these days, and he’s ready to give it. Ye appeared on Saturday Night Live, performing “I Love It” in a water bottle costume alongside similarly dressed Lil Pump. However, this was not the only thing that had fans scratching their heads.

At the end of the show, Ye went off on a rant about his MAGA hat and how people will not tell him what to do. He gave the advice that one should think with his heart and not his head.

Well, naturally, Twitter had a lot to say about this:

Maybe we’ll get that Ye 2020 bid after all? Imagine Kanye West and Donald Trump in a debate. Now THAT’S good TV.