Kanye West: Jesus Is King FINALLY Drops: Listen Now!

kanye west

After a lengthy and (mostly) patient wait by fans, “Jesus is King,” the new gospel rap album from Kanye West, has finally dropped.

Fans were left waiting helplessly this week yet again after the album was supposed to be dropped. They gathered on Twitter to voice their frustrations at being duped by a false release date for the album once again. After tweeting the album would drop at midnight on Friday night, fans had to wait another 13 hours to finally listen after Kanye held up the release:

Kanye had previously vowed to release the album, with wife Kim Kardashian tweeting out a verification that it would drop. Sadly, it didn’t, and people were irked.

Word has it that the delays and last minute changes were due to Kanye’s desire to make changes to the project. This is likely the case given his slightly erratic behavior in recent years, and his creative brain that makes himself his own biggest critic. Kanye fans shouldn’t expect everything to make sense because…it’s Kanye. So if you choose to stan, just go with the flow.

So far, the reactions are pretty positive, but people also didn’t miss a chance to drag him.

Listen to the new album below.

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