Kanye West Make Waves With Controversial Trump Support

Kanye out here in a MAGA hat, y’all.

Kanye set off a firestorm of social media response after voicing support for Trump. So much was the backlash that Ye lost 9 million followers after his initial tweet. However, Twitter is calling this “an inconsistency” – saying actually only went from 28 million to 27 million.

His Twitter count is now back up to 27.9. IF anything, all his antics are sure to gain him some followers rather than having them unfollowing en masse.

Even his wife Kim Kardashian had to jump in and defend him with a series of tweets.

TO further fuel the flame the way Kanye likes to do, he stepped out in a MAGA Trump hat to let the world know he does not give two f—- about what anybody thinks.

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