Kanye West Says Slavery Was a Choice

Aaaaaaand he’s back with more.

Kanye West has been working hard to keep us entertained lately with his return to Twitter and proclamation of his love for his “brother” Donald Trump. He’s faced immense backlash from fans and the public at large, all the while defending his comments as “free thought.”

He gave a new interview in which he claimed that slavery “sounds like a choice” since it went on for 400 years and blacks did not come together to fight back.

Other gems he dropped include how he became addicted to opiates after having liposuction surgery. Seems Kim is rubbing off on him quite a bit!

What Kanye fails to realize is that while he is welcome to his free thinking, voicing these thoughts and going against real world facts will come with backlash. Like John Legend tried to perfectly explain to him, free thought is all well and good, but one should not lose compassion and understanding of others’ struggles. Kanye likely has good intentions with his words and wants to help people rise above and use the power of their minds to elevate themselves and change their lives if necessary. However, he definitely seems to be going about it the wrong way. Perhaps he should go back to the drawing board for a few and try a new strategy.

Meanwhile, fans just want the old Kanye back.

Kanye doesn’t seem to be bothered though, and stands his ground: