Kanye West Takes His Talents to PornHub

Kanye West is now taking his talents to Pornhub as creative director for the PornHub Awards.

He isn’t following in the footsteps of wife Kim Kardashian and starring in a flick of his own…because really, no one wants to see that. He DID however take creative reigns over the site’s awards.

The event kicked off Thursday night at the Belasco Theater in LA. His company managed production and design in partnership with Willo Perron, according to TMZ.

Not only that, Kanye premiered a new video with Lil Pump titled “I Love It.” The video was directed by longtime Ye collaborator Spike Jonze. Yeezy incorporated his clothing label into the show, with performers rocking his gear.

The show was livestreamed from the site, and you can watch the video of his new song below from the show:

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