Kanye West Writes Weird Poem About McDonald’s for Frank Ocean’s Mag

He’s Kanye West. That’s why.


Kanye West wrote the following poem about McDonald’s that was published in Frank Ocean’s zine:

McDonalds Man
McDonalds Man
The French Fries Had A Plan
The French Fries Had A Plan
The Salad Bar And The Ketchup Made A Band
Cus The French Fries Had A Plan
The French Fries Had A Plan
McDonalds Man
I Know Them French Fries Had A Plan
I Know Them French Fries Had A Plan
The Cheeseburger And The Shakes Formed A Band
To Overthrow The French Fries Plan
I Always Knew Them French Fries Was Evil Man
Smelling All Good And Shit
I Don’t Trust No Food That Smells That Good Man
I Don’t Trust It I Can’t
McDonalds Man
McDonalds Man
McDonalds Damn
Them French Fries Look Good Tho
I Knew The Diet Coke Was Jealous Of The Fries
I Knew The Diet Coke Was Jealous Of The Fries
Even The McRib Was Jealous Of The Fries
I could See It Through His Artificial Meat Eyes
And He Only Be There Some Of The Time
Everybody Was Jealous Of Them French Fries
Except For That One Special Guy
That Smooth Apple Pie

It’s pop culture people. What else do you expect from Yeezy?




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