Kanye West’s New Album YE is Here: Stream it Now

The music gods have answered our calls.

Kanye West is trending right now, but it isn’t because of something he said. He finally dropped his long-awaited new album YE.

The album cover features a photo of the mountains in Wyoming where he was working on the album. Kim Kardashian said he shot the photo on his iPhone from the car while heading to the listening party:

Nicki Minaj wrote for the album, and Yeezy closed out the album with her voicemail.Young Thug and Jeremih also appear on the album.

He also dedicated a song on the album to his wife, Kim.

Fans are already going crazy over the work, calling it a masterpiece, and him a genius:

Others have a bad taste in their mouth over Kanye’s recent antics and controversial statements, saying they refuse to listen:

Others felt he still has some explaining to do about his tweets of late, and the album did not clear up anything:

Give it a listen now and decide how you feel about it.

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