Kendrick Lamar Wins Pulitzer Prize for ‘DAMN’

This is a momentous occasion!

Kendrick Lamar has been awarded the Pulitzer prize for his album DAMN. This is the first time in history the award has been given to a hip hop artist.

Lamar has long been making waves and receiving his dues for his artistry, and now he is bringing hip hop into new arenas.

Despite being nominated for his album at the 60th Grammy awards, he lost out for the third time. However, the world has taken notice of hip hop, and naturally, of Kendrick Lamar.

No longer is hip hop just a niche genre. It has firmly taken hold of today’s youth culture across the world.

Now, Kendrick Lamar has officially become the first hip hop artist to win the award for music. Not only is this a huge achievement for Lamar, but it is a huge triumph for hip hop. The genre is now a global force that has influenced generations, and it is only right that its most genius artists are recognized.

The achievement was lauded by many, with celebs and fans celebrating what was well-deserved.

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