Kevin McCall Threatens Chris Brown’s Daughter

No chill level reached and exceeded.

Y’all pray for Kevin McCall.

Kevin and Chris Brown got into a social media beef. McCall started his Instagram ranting with some venting about his troubles with his ex, model Eva Marcille, who recently got engaged after a tumultuous relationship with McCall:

“Whoever want a fade, come get it. Don’t send threats no more on IG, though. Let’s link up in person. I don’t know why all these light skin n*ggaz wanna be bad on IG. Catch the fade and let’s keep it pushing. We don’t have to drag none of these events out like ya’ll do,” He continued, “To all of @evamarcille brothers, if you really need to believe I even laid a finger on her, let’s meet up and run three fades back-to-back. Just me by myself and whoever.”

Followers were quick to chime in, with one saying, “first on the list” is “corny ass Chris Brown,” to which McCall replied, “He’s a pussy. Fuck that loser he gonna overdose before he 30.”

McCall seemingly continued to taunt Brown, writing “One tweet from you could have 20 million people doing ANYTHING u say…and u choose to gangbang? That’s hellllllla ghey.”

He then called him out by name, saying, “When I no longer have any ties to @chrisbrown I’ll chill. He stole from two babies and stole from me HE knows that. Fade and paperwork?”

“@chrisbrown can we run the one on one to get me out your Cbe contract and any money you ever stole from me? Don’t tweet call I’ll answer!” He added, “@chrisbrown hit my line champ. Tired of being brought up in sentence with a legit woman beater not just an alleged one oops. All jokes aside yet or you ready to end before sundown…if u let it drag out you a hoe it’s that easy. Lol call me Ike brown.”

And of course, Chris Brown isn’t one to sit back and let folks talk like that.

Chris wrote: “Dis nigga is standing outside playing keyboard at his grandmas house. He would’ve gotten more change on Hollywood Blvd. RCA DROPPED YOU. You blocked your own blessing. I’m cool wit both your babymothers, why aren’t you? Paper trail shawty…. He is crying for help. SO ILL BE REALLY TAKING YO MONEY WHEN THIS TOUR STARTS. All those Kevin McCall fans are just waiting to spend their money on some seats. It’s lonely at the top but I bet it super sucks all the way at the bottom and broke.”

McCall also said:

McCall then tried to say the claims he threatened Chris Brown’s daughter were “false.” Others quickly called him out though.

McCall then tried to backtrack with this:

Case in point, Kevin needs to chill and perhaps take a break from social media.

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