Killer Mike Writes Article About Rap Lyrics and the Justice System

Killer Mike, member of the hip-hop duo Run The Jewels, has co-written an article about how rap lyrics are being unjustly used as evidence in many court cases. In the article for Vox, he discusses McKinley ‘Mac’ Phipps, a hip hop artist sentenced to 30 years in jail for manslaughter after a fan was shot at his show.


The article, co-written by author Erik Nielson, states that there was “no physical evidence connecting Phipps to the crime” and that “multiple eyewitnesses [identified] a different shooter”. It continues: “The prosecutor went after Phipps’ art, relying on a tactic that dates back to the Jim Crow South: he punished black speech”.

Killer Mike added: “I worry about law enforcement because I’m a black man in America. I have my whole life been afraid of the police. For me it is normal to be as afraid of the police and have fear and trepidation as one who has experienced any kind of abuse would be in the presence of an abuser.”

Read the whole thing here!

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