Kodak Black Arrested for Drugs and Weapons at U.S. Border

Kodak Black is always up to something, it seems. It’s usually not good for him, either. This time, Kodak got himself into some trouble with U.S. Customs agents. He was scheduled to put on a lively show at The House of Blues in Boston on Wednesday, but he never showed up.

While his team thought he was missing and had no idea what was going on, he was getting cozy with border agents while in their custody. Now, he is in the custody of police in California where he’s been charged with criminal possession of a weapon and misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

So how did he end up in this mess? Well, he was apparently driving in a new Cadillac with a temporary registration when he tried crossing the border at the Lewiston-Queenston International Bridge. Yada yada yada, police found weed on him and a Glock 9 in the vehicle. Another car traveling with him was also searched, where police found more guns and guns.

He’s currently still in custody, so check back for updates.

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