LaVar Ball Releasing His Own Sneaker for $1,500

Just in case you didn’t have anything better to do with your money.

The athlete and wildly outspoken dad of NBA player Lonzo Ball is working on a shoe he had dubbed the “The LaVar-iccis” that he plans to sell for $1,500. You read that right.

Let’s all go play basketball in a $1,500 pair of sneakers. Sounds great!

“I just don’t know when I’m coming out with it yet. ‘The LaVar-iccis!’ Holler at your boy! But I will give you a tip. Make sure you save your money because they’re gonna be $1,500 or more. Cause I’m gonna design them and they’re gonna be fly. My bad—they’re gonna be baller-ized,” he said.

He just recently launched the Big Baller Brand for his son after turning town several major endorsement offers.

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