L&HH’s Tommie Lee Arrested Twice in 24 Hours

Tommie Lee was arrested not once…but TWICE…in 24 hours. She took it to a whole other level.

A star from L&HH Atlanta, Tommie Lee, was first arrested Tuesday for allegedly slamming her daughter into a school locker. Real name Atasha Jefferson, she was initially arrested at her daughter’s school in Cobb County, GA. Police charged her with battery, aggravated assault and child cruelty. She was released on $27,000 bond and ordered to stay away from her daughter.

As though this was wasn’t enough madness, she then proceeded to ignore the court order and contacted her daughter within 3 hours of her release. She was swiftly arrested for aggravated stalking, though according to police, she tried hiding in her attic when they came to arrest her. She is now being held without bail.

This isn’t the first legal trouble for the reality star this year. She was arrested earlier this year for assaulting a valet and disorderly conduct outside the Royal Peacock, a popular Atlanta club. She told producers of L&HH that she has been arrested more than 30 times in her life. Add another to the pile, then.

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