Lil Kim Talks Nicki Minaj Beef: “A Snake Is A Snake”

Fresh on the heels of gifting fans with a brand new single, “Took Us A Break,” Lil’ Kim is setting the record straight about her long-standing feud with Nicki Minaj.

During a recent sit-down with Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning, the Queen Bee talked at great length about her career, forthcoming album and her rumored diss track with Remy Ma. According to the Hardcore rapper, her recent collaboration with the Bronx femcee is far from a jab at Nicki. “This Remy record is so fire. I’m not even rapping on this record,” Kim revealed.

Ebro then asked if the track is a subtle diss towards the Head Barb, to which Kim responded, “I hate that. My mind is always on that bag … People know me and Remy enough that if we we’re going to talk about somebody, we are going to say their name. We’re going to address them.”

“We just making music. We doing what we do,” she added.

Elsewhere in the interview, Kim discussed her role in uniting female emcees throughout her career and the importance of having reverence for those who paved the way before her. “We should uplift each other. At the end of the day, I’m always for the unity. I’ve got the biggest ‘Ladies Night’ record,” Kim said. “So, I don’t understand how people can say I was never for unity.”

“You don’t come in the game disrespecting your idols,” she continued. “At the end of the day, it’s like what me and Remy are doing, ’cause everyone knows we had situations in the past, but what we are doing is boss. This is what guys do. This is what 50 and Fat Joe did … this is boss. When you’re with real, you recognize real.”

The “No Time” rapper goes on to detail how artists in the industry have “so many windows” to make things right and at some point, implying that making amends with Nicki is a hard pill to swallow. “It’s hard when people can’t give you that respect,” Kim said. “When people can’t mutually say, ‘I’m sorry if I said something that offended you, I made a mistake, If I did this I apologize because that wasn’t me.'”

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