Lil Xan Slurs in Video Lamenting Not Making 2018 XXL Freshman List

Is he drowning his sorrows?

Lil Xan posted a video claiming he hadn’t made the 2018 XXL Freshman list. This list is often coveted by new hip hop artists who believe it is their claim to fame in the industry.

While the list hasn’t officially been published yet, Lil Xan seems to have got wind of the news that he isn’t on the list.

Other artists have gone public about declining the offer to be on the list over claims that it is rigged.

While Lil Xan claimed in the video it was all a joke and he sips a beer while smiling over the news, saying, “Looks like your boy didn’t make XXL probably.” However, his words are heavily slurred. Regardless of whether he’s made the list, he’s certainly become a sensation in the industry with both good and bad press.

💔😂💔 also this vid a joke lol

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