Lil Yachty Shoots His Shot With Ellen DeGeneres

<img src=“Screen-Shot-2018-11-29-at-3.27.54-PM.png” alt=“lil yachty” title=“lil yachty”>

Lil Yachty is taking his chances to get close to Ellen DeGeneres.

Lil Yachty has gained a lot of notoriety and fans over the past couple years, and now he’s looking to branch out more. He hit up Ellen DeGeneres on Twitter to ask her politely if he could come on her show. He told her, “I feel like I’ll feel accomplished in life if I come on your show.. can I?”

While she didn’t outright agree, she did tell reply telling him “Well, tweeting me is an excellent first step.” So hopefully we will get to see this pairing, which would certainly be highly entertaining.

He replied, “😂😂 figured I’d give it a shot.”